Kenoil CBD HHC Oil 20% / 10ml


Kenoil CBD HHC Oil 20% / 10ml HEXAHYDRO- CANNABINOL IS MADE FROM INDUSTRIAL HEMP EXTRACT. DOES NOT FALL UNDER THE SMG / BTMG & NPSG - 0% THC - NO SALE UNDER 18 YEARS - KEEP AWAY FROM PREGNANT WOMEN - NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE CAUSED BY IMPROPER HANDLING - PRODUCT SUITABLE FOR SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES, NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CONSUMPTION! INGREDIENTS: HEMP EXTRACT, TERPENES NO GLYCERIN OR AROMAS ADDED PRODUCED BY N3XT LEVEL SRO, Hemp seeds oil 30% Hemp extract (for 20% HHC oil) Vegan, GMO Free, Dairy Free. What is HHC oil? HHC is a compound found in industrial hemp plants. HHC is short for 'hexahydrocannabinol.' It is a cannabinoid, like CBD and THC.  This cannabinoid is very like THC in many ways. It even has similar effects. Using HHC, you will experience a "high" sensation as you expect from THC. Most people claim that the high is slightly different from a THC high, and we'll discuss that in greater detail later on.  The HHC cannabinoid is increasing in popularity worldwide, especially in the Netherlands. Because it is not THC, it is legal in many areas. This means you may be able to experience a legal high depending on the laws where you live.  HHC oil is one of the most popular HHC products on the market right now. It's easy to use and convenient.  How do I use HHC oil? Place a few drops underneath your tongue, let it stay there for 60 seconds, and then swallow. This is the sublingual method of taking HHC oil. Taking HHC oil sublingually is the most effective way to use the oil. The oil can be absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream this way. There are a lot of tiny blood capillaries underneath the tongue. Those capillaries absorb substances directly without needing to pass through the digestive system. This allows you to feel the effects of the HHC oil much faster than if you swallowed it. Or, you can take HHC oil by adding your dose to your food or drink. Although it will take a bit longer to experience the effects, this is another option you can consider. What are the effects of HHC Oil? Many people have a question when they buy HHC oil or other HHC products: "Will this make me feel high?" The answer to this question is yes.  Because HHC is so similar to THC on a molecular level, it produces many of the same effects. You can expect to get high when you use HHC products. Some people claim that their HHC high is slightly less potent than a THC high. Some describe it as less stimulating and more relaxing.  Recommended HHC Dosage: The best dosage of HHC oil varies from person to person.  It also varies depending on the concentration. For example, if you use an oil with 3000mg HHC, 10% HHC, you can take less than if you use oil with a lower concentration of HHC.  It's best to start with a low dose and then slowly increase once comfortable with the effects. For example, if you choose to buy our HHC Oil Netherlands, 1000mg HHC tincture, we recommend starting with a drop or two at first. Each drop has 5mg of HHC.  Is it legal to buy HHC Oil in the Europe? The legality of HHC is kind of complicated at the moment. Some places (like certain states in the U.S.) have declared HHC illegal because it is intoxicating, like THC. However, most places in Europe consider HHC a legal substance.  Since HHC is derived from industrial hemp and is not a strain of THC, it is likely legal under European law.  Keep in mind that this could change at any time. Make sure you check your local laws regularly. Is HHC oil safe? We don't have a lot of research on the safety of HHC because it is relatively new to the cannabis industry. However, many people are currently using HHC regularly, and there are no reports of significant adverse effects. Many presume that HHC is very similar in safety to THC.  As with any cannabinoid or supplement, it's always best to consult your health care provider if you have any questions. 

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