Kenoil CBD / CBD Ultra 3% CBD Rich Water Soluble Hemp Oil

CBD ULTRA App. 3% CBD-Rich Water Soluble Hemp Oil Up To 7 times more Powerfull 0% ThC WATER SOLUBLE CANNABIS SAIVA L HEMP OIL 10 ML DIETARY SUPPLEMENT INGREDIENTS PER 10ML: 100% NATURAL CANNABIS SATIVA L WATER SOLUBLE HEMP OIL, CONTAINS SOY LECHITIN. THC: NON DETECTABLE* RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: USE FOUR DROPS, TWO TO THREE TIMES A DAY, HOLDING THE DROPS UNDER THE TONGUE FOR 20- 30 SECONDS. THE MAXIMUM DAILY CONSUMPTION OF 12 DROPS MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED AND EQUALS THE 12 MG RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM DAILY INTAKE. ISO09001:2015 ISO22000:2018 ISO13485:2016 LOT:5307.1 * THC: LOQ <0.01 NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100 G ENERGY: 74KJ / 17.KCAL FAT (G) 2 G SATURATED FATTY ACIDS (G) 0.187 G MONO-UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS (G) 0.281 G POLY-UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS (G) 1.532 G CARBOHYDRATES (G) 0 G PROTEIN (G) 0 G SALT (G) 0 G ALLERGEN STATEMENT: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS SOY. Additional information: This products not a medicinal product. Store In a cool and dark place after opening and costume within two months. Dietary supplements should not be used as replacement for a balanced, diversified diet and healthy lifestyle. Children and pregnant or breast-feeding women should not consume this product. Sore away from young children.

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